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Change Management

CNS’s Change Management service encompasses network planning, IT Compliance & Governance, Project Management, Testing, and Implementation.

CNS's Change Management service consists of the foloowing modules

Change Management Authority & Execution

When changes are requested, the change process is initiated to assure that and audit trail of changes is maintained, appropriate analysis is performed, and that decisions to accept, reject, or defer requested changes are conscious decisions. Change authority is simply the process that CNS adhere to review the change on behalf of the customer to ensure that the above best practices are adhered to. This may mean reviewing such things as involuntary changes caused by mistakes or oversights in change requests or new laws or regulations that affect the goals or approach, or the discovery of invalid or incorrect assumptions.  In these cases, CNS ensure timely distribution of information about the change so that its impact can be evaluated and responses to the change can be considered.

Change requests are then submitted by the Customer using CNS’s Change Request Form (CRF). This initiates the CR process which in turn initiates the change authority process. Dependent on the outcome of this evaluation the CRF is approved or rejected. If the CRF is rejected it is returned to the customer for further review and/or resubmission.

If the CRF is resubmitted it will again enter the change process and if this time successful will be submitted as approved and the appropriate resources will be assigned to conduct any necessary changes. Assigned resources review the CRF and communicate back to the customer appropriate schedules and also establish any impact of the change and whether customer integrity, confidentiality and availability can be maintained should the change be granted.

Execution Only

In an execution only change management service change authority is not applied to incoming Change Request Forms (CRF). The CRF is assigned directly to a technical resource outside of the formal CNS change management process. The technical resource does however evaluate any impact of the change and whether customer integrity, confidentiality and availability can be maintained and if best practices have been adhered to (i.e. a new requested firewall access control list does not open the firewall to unnecessary risk)

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