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Governance & Compliance

CNS offers a variety of governance and compliance services, to meet the complex management requirement of properly maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Services are as follows. Note that PCI DSS services are covered in a separate section here (LINK).

  1. Policy and Procedure Review
  2. Security Governance Assessment
  3. Interim Security Management/ Mentoring Service
  4. Compliance based auditing
  5. Forensic Data Retrieval
  6. Gap Analysis

CNS Governance & Compliance services centre around our Compliance Engine database, which can mark a company's security stance against a common control set or against a variety of current standards and regulatory requirements including but not limited to:

  1. PCI DSS
  2. ISO27001& BS25999
  3. FSA Guildlines
  4. CoBiT
  5. ITIL
  6. Sarbanes Oxley
  7. MiFID

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